Recording Hacks

This site was started by a friend of mine named Matt. I met Matt in 199? when his band JAR came to record an album in the studio where I was working. 2 or 3 years ago he put together the Recording Hacks site and it is getting a lot of attention. The main focus of the site is to build a comprehensive microphone database that include specifications, reviews, and often comparison recordings. At this time he has reviewed almost 1000 mics, and the site also contains the official Tape Op microphone review database. An additional feature of the site is a shop that’s a virtual microphone clearing house. There are dozens of mics for sale at greatly discounted prices. At this years NAMM Matt came home with a dozen mics (and not under his shirt if that’s what you’re thinking), that he is using for a promotional give away. Go over to the Recording Hacks site and sign up, they are giving one mic away a month for the year. As a side note Matt is an excellent baker and makes great focaccia.

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