Grace – The D-Riculous All Stars – Live in Sweeney’s Bar

It appears this is actually an informal announcement of the Sweeney’s Live Album. We have been diligently working behind the scenes to record all of the house bands and regulars live in Sweeney’s Bar, and will be releasing a compilation album in the near future. As for This group, D-Riculous All Stars, as far as I know these guys are not even a band. This is a pick up band comprised of some of the most talented lads in the Dublin scene. David (guitar/vocals) fronts New Secret Weapon, Phil (bass/vocals) is in The 9 Bars Blues Band, and Phil (drums) in The Whipround. All three of those bands will be featured on the compilation. It is safe to say that this is a high caliber of musicianship for a pick up band, and something exceptional can be expected from the other recordings as well. This video gives a window into the craic which is a typical evening in Sweeney’s and was artfully directed and edited by Simon O’Neill. Simon also filmedĀ  with help from Gavin Lawson, and Stephen Mogerley. This is a great video of a great band on a great night in a great pub and is a great representation of what can be expected from the live compilation.

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